What is MyProteinGrill?

We love creating made-from-scratch, deliciously prepared meals to power our customers to perform at their best. We’re all about doing it without the hassles. No cook time. No clean up. Just 100% all-natural goodness to help you be the very best version of yourself.

What are the cutoff dates and times for ordering/making changes to my order?

The cutoff times will be Thursday 5:00pm for Sunday pickups and Monday 5:00pm for Wednesday after 5:00pm pickups. We’re pretty punctual around here so no changes/refunds will be permitted after this time, since the order will be sent for production at our culinary center.

What if I didn’t like my meal or have a concern with a dish?

We want you to be happy as much as we want our food to power you to be your best. So if you aren’t satisfied, you can call or go to your nearest store and we’ll take care of the meal for you!

Where is your headquarters located?

Houston, Texas

What is the shelf life on your meal items, how do I know when I cannot eat them any longer?

Our food has a shelf life of 4-6 days depending on the item. We’re all about natural, wholesome ingredients so our food has no preservatives or additives to preserve them past that date.

How do I cook my meals?

Reheat in the microwave for 90 seconds and add additional time to achieve meal heat preference.

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