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It’s simple. Stop by one of our stores or order online and let us help kick off your wellness goals.


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We offer healthy chef inspired meals that are prepared fresh daily. Our meals are calorie counted, measured, and ready for pick up at any of our Houston locations. You can visit us at any of our My Protein Grill stores or pre order pick up locations. Our mission is to provide everyone with great tasting, fresh, healthy meals at an affordable price.

Choose from our current meal selection.

Select from our chef inspired meals prepared fresh daily. Ask about our 5 Day, 21 Day Challange, 7 Week Challenge or Proven Meal Plans.

Visit us and select meals that are ready at anytime.

Come in to one of our stores and select some of our delicious meals, made fresh daily.

Pick up your pre order meals at your closest location.

Order by 5pm, Thursday for pickup on Sunday. Order by 5pm, Monday for pickup on Wednesday after 5pm.

Enjoy your fresh healthy meals.

Enjoy delicious meals on the go without the hassle of cooking or falling off your diet! 

    Dozens Of Meals To Choose From

    Easily order delicious meals and snacks from our fresh selection

    Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Carb Options

    We have great tasting options for everyone

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    Customer Satisfaction


    Curtis Reynolds from Webster

    "Best protein packed meals you can find. Most prepped meal places only have 10-20 grams per meal. Most of the meals I get here are 30+ grams. Check out their 5 week plan, the meals are affordable and delicious. I lost 7 lbs of body fat and gained a pound of muscle. 100% recommend"

    Lori Koons from Webster

    "I discovered My Protein Grill a couple of months ago...completely addicted! The food is delicious and the change in my overall health has been such a bonus!"

    Josh R from Webster

    "My protein grill provided me with nutritious meal options for my busy day. I've tried multiple premade meal companies and My Protein Grill is by far the most delicious out of all. They have a wide variety of meals and snacks to choose from so the meals never get monotonous."

    Frank from Cypress

    "I started buying a few meals from MPG and they taste great and are satisfying. i decided to inquire about one of their plans ans spoke with Hannah, who is their nutritionist. She asked questions about goals, activity level, food (dis)likes, etc. She came up with a meal plan and I decided to try it. During the plan, I reached out to Hannah and asked if the plan could be tweaked and she did so. With her guidance and MPG meals, I lost 16lbs and it wasnt hard and never felt hungry. Would recommend and will participate again."

    Kimberly from Spring

    "The 21 Day challenge is the perfect reset to jumpstart your way to healthy living. I enjoyed my food plan so much that I signed on for 10 more weeks with My Protein Grill. I lost 16 pounds during that time and was never hungry or deprived. The meals are delicious and varied, so you are never bored or sabotaged by cravings. Hannah works with your food preferences and offers all the support you need to be successful. 

    Thank you Hannah & staff for a great experience and excellent service!"

    Kady from Spring

    "After gaining over 60 pounds while pregnant with my first son, I gave birth on April 17th 2020. I had lost about 25 pounds after a few months, but being in a pandemic where many gyms were shut down and I didn’t feel comfortable working out in groups I had to do something to help me shed off the baby weight. As a new mom I was challenged with balancing work, staying healthy and being a mom. I didn’t have time to grocery shop and cook and I knew nutrition was the key to achieving this! I did the 21 day challenge with my protein grill and after sticking to the meal plan (and a handful of cheat meals) I lost around 15 pounds. There was a great variety of meals and they were really tasty. So convenient for someone on the go. I would recommend the plan to anyone looking to shed some extra pounds and kickstart their health journey."

    Colleen from Cypress

    "I can’t praise Hannah enough! As a former bikini competitor I know what it is like to try every meal prep company in houston. You name them, I have tried them and eventually grew sick of eating the same food over and over. My goal no longer is to compete but staying in shape is of high importance. My Protein Grill makes it easy for a single mom on the go. I grab my lunches and snacks and head out the door to work. I love their desserts for the occasional sweet tooth I crave and need."

    Erica & Adam from Spring

    My husband and I decided to do the 21 day challenge to get healthy again and start eating better.  It has been a life saver! The quality and variety of food is wonderful! We have tried meal prepping for ourselves in the past, and to get the variety of food every day that My Protein Grill provides, we would be spending way too much time in the kitchen.  I love that our nutritionist, Hannah, calculated out our macros for us, so all we have to do is grab our meals for the day and go. We have noticed a difference in energy and overall physical appearance since we started.  For the convenience, time we have saved and overall health benefits, it has definitely been worth it and we will remain My Protein Grill customers for life!

    Sarah from Cypress

    Really enjoying the 21 day challenge so far from My Protein Grill. Perfect portion sizes, filling and best of all sooo good! The food is great quality and the ordering/pickup process is super easy. For sure recommend if you're tired of home meal prep or just need to change things up. Hannah has been very helpful and responds quickly when I text her about making changes to my upcoming meals for the week😄. She has truly been a delight to work with! Highly recommend My Protein Grill!

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